Identifying, Creating & Unlocking
Business Value

The OverSight Group was established to assist Boards of Directors and Executive Management (in both Government and Commercial Sectors) MAXIMISE STAKEHOLDER VALUE.
We achieve this by carefully researching and understanding each client’s unique problems (wherever they occur) and then CREATING; IDENTIFYING; and UNLOCKING the BUSINESS VALUE.
We use our (considerable) experience and intellectual property in:-

  • Building (an appropriate) Strategy;
  • Establishing (the necessary) Oversight Mechanisms;
  • Maximising Value (by using many Value Drivers and ‘Metrics that Matter’);
  • Modernising and Transforming the Organisation (including Culture);
  • Managing Risks and Security (balancing Opportunities and Threats);
  • Integrating and (continuously) Improving Processes; and
  • Identifying the I & T Capabilities (that assist Business Process Re-Engineering).

The OverSight Group consists of OverSight Holdings (Maximise Stakeholder Value); OverSight Intellectual Property (Create Stakeholder Value); OverSight Solutions (Identify Stakeholder Value); and OverSight Services (Unlock Stakeholder Value).